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STICK DETAILS Adidas V24 Compo-1 36.5" Super Light, Xtreme mould GENERAL STICK DETAILS: This is second in the range of V24’s in terms of carbon content and retails at most UK hockey outlets for about £150/160. The bow/mould is considered by Adidas as their ‘all round’ mould for players of any position or talent level and it’s a very easy shape to get used to. The stick has ‘Touch Compound’ on the face of the stick which is designed to reduce the spin on the ball when receiving a pass. All I can say is, this is a gimmick! Most of the Touch Compound on my stick has already come off and you don’t notice any significant difference when it’s there. It doesn’t affect the performance of the stick so I won’t be providing any further comment on it. PAINTWORK The finish of the paintwork is excellent and I like the blue and black colour choices. I’m not so sure on the little silver highlights towards the stick head (which makes the stick look a little ‘immature’ (if this adjective can be used to describe a stick!!), but they’re barely noticeable. The stick would look better if it was just blue and black without the silver highlights and I’m not sure why Adidas didn’t just leave it like this (like they have done with the TX24). I still prefer the old white/black/red and the black/green design of previous HS1’s but overall it looks pretty good. GRIP The new Adigrip has improved from the previous generation HS1, but they’re still not very good. The grip feels thin and a bit ‘dead’ so I have replaced it with a Mercian Supersoft grip. WEIGHT Its available in Super Light, Light and Medium and in the end I went for Super Light. To be honest I’ve had both Light and Super Light sticks in the Xtreme mould in the past and there really isn’t a lot between them – they both feel VERY light no matter which one you select. The only reason I went for Super Light is that I feel it suits my game better. HITTING & SLAPPING Hitting/slapping is good, and the power is consistent. It doesn’t hit as hard as my previous Atlas sticks (I’m not sure much does!), but the power is good and the Super Light weight allows you to place shots in the corners a lot easier. I’ve found the key with this stick is not to hit it as hard as you can but to hit smoothly and place the shot more. DRIBBLING/FEEL/RECEIVING This is where the stick excels. Despite being a stiff mid/top of the range stick, with 70% carbon, the feel is fantastic. The ball seems to ‘stick’ to the face of the stick, with little or no rebound, no matter what angle of the pass, what pace of the pass and whether it is front stick or reverse stick. The weight also really helps with quick left to right/right to left drags and dribbling is a doddle! CONCLUSION Plus points Very good feel Nice light weight and pick up (in both Super Light and Light versions) Superb first touch Great all round stick

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